THE EC & ML FOUNDATION innovates and funds projects in cryobiology and cryomedicine.


The Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital merges the principles of engineering design and analysis with medicine, molecular biology and biochemistry in order to find new solutions that push the envelope of healthcare technology and the practice of medicine. It is engaged in a variety of research thrusts with a major focus on Biopreservation, Organ Reengineering, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. The Biopreservation research focuses on developing novel preservation technologies to support the fundamental and practical issues of cryopreservation by vitrification, supercooling to subzero temperature and partial freezing of cells, tissues, organs and organisms. Organ Reengineering aims at developing applications to increase the viability of transplantable organs and ultimately eliminate the donor organ shortage. Its major emphasis is on an organ revitalization platform based on machine perfusion. The Center also explores new diagnostic tools to assess preservation modality, damage and viability of all biological systems.


Since 1973, Planer Ltd has been supplying hospitals, laboratories, biobanks, pharmaceutical companies, IVF clinics and the ART fields with hardware, software, and systems for the safe preservation, storage, and monitoring of biological speciments such as embryos, blood products, and tissue. 

Planer works closely with Human IVF, Animal IVF, Transgenic Research and Stem Cell Research sectors to understand their needs and develop and source high-quality, reliable equipment. Planer products aim to provide repeatable quality results for the cryopreservation, handling, developmemt, and monitoring of these priceless samples throughout their journey in the laboratory or medical facility. 

Using years of expertise and experience in temperature control and the management of cells, Planer develops and manufactures pioneering and innovative products to the highest standards and provide uncompromising service to the UK market and around the world directly and through its distributors and service agents in over 90 countries. 


GOLD SIM CELLULAR SCIENCE LLC, founded in 1995, is a global cell technology company, focusing on intelligent cell science solutions and the development and production of automated equipment, reagents, consumables for cryogenic cell medicine, cell therapy and stem cells. For more information visit